Johannes is fantastic to work with in terms of project management. With his set of various skills and organized enthusiasm he makes an excellent team player with a strong social personality. Johannes is not afraid to go the extra mile, always with a positive attitude! 

Jan Petter Dyrud

Johannes is structured and focused, and has a strong social personality. We worked together when Johannes was Harbour Master of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. There he showed great skill in solving the varying challenges facing a manager. He's very good as a maritime professional. Johannes inspires and enthuses his team.

Håkan Andersson
Special Advisory at Ministry of Defence of Sweden

It’s rare that you come across a social talent like Johannes. He expertly filled the leading role at the Royal Swedish Yacht Club as a Harbour Master. I was very impressed by Johannes’ ability to handle even the most stressful situations —effortlessly. Johannes would be a true asset to any team.

Tommy Gapinski
Owner, AdOn Media Nordic AB

Johannes is a well connected maritime professional that always takes the time to support anyone in his network. He has a very impressive maritime background and is an excellent networker!

Robert Lindblom
CEO Entropics Asset Management AB

We had many interaction with Johannes, both Face2face, over the phone/emails and through his team. He was always very professional and handled situations under great stress and when things were normal. Always with a smile and a good solution in hand. Anyone looking for an entrepreneurial and high energy person who is not afraid of working will benefit from Johannes.

Anders Wannberg
Sr. Regional Sales Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand

I've never met someone more passionate about boating and yachting as Johannes. Not only is he passionate but very professional. He handles stressful situations calmly and effective. The best about Johannes is that he is a doer and not afraid of trying. No matter what obstacles he meets he finds a way to clear them. I would like to work with Johannes and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to work for you!

Markus Lundh
Digital Marketing Specialist at MJB | Growth


I am always eager to meet and interact with new people from various backgrounds and cultures. The social exchange for me is something fascinating and it takes me forward with new experiences and impressions.

Mixed Experiences

I have always been striving to gain experience from areas that are of my interest. With the mindset that nothing is impossible as long as you commit with determination, respect and positivity.


A wide network of key people, businesses and organizations provide valuable qualifications to develop beneficial business relations but also a chance to establish new friendships. I am always happy to help people connect, the next day I might be the one looking for a new contact or introduction.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing of services, products, events on the latest social media platforms. With objectives such as brand awareness and an increase in sales. The marketing industry is something evolving and to use the latest platforms is exciting and not something one can disregard.


Developed knowledge in sales for over 10 years in markets ranging from investment banking services to high-end marine products. I like to meet and interact with people and I never hesitate to promote a product or service that I truly support and believe in.


With +80,000 nautical miles sailed I have gained experience and navigational skills in operations such as Atlantic crossings to daily duties and within the yachting industry. My experience is onboard both sail yachts and motor yachts as crew and master.

Johannes Palm
Stockholm | Sweden